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City Espresso is a strongly branded and mature business lead by Spiro Mylonas, who is a driver of innovation in café management methods, product and service delivery.
Founded by Spiro in 2005, City Espresso has developed an accomplished business model which is ready to multiply, either by organic growth or partnerships. The City Espresso model capitalises on prime commercial building foyer locations for high volume turnover of a savvy and, to a certain extent, captive audience. It is an audience that demands high quality and so great care is taken in providing delicious food. Light and healthy snacks and more substantial hot dishes are served at lunch, combined with superb coffee blended and roasted to City’s rigorous requirements.
It's not surprising City Espresso quickly builds customer loyalty.
Currently its two Sydney city locations means management has flexibility in staffing and food and beverage stock levels. With excellent relationships with quality suppliers, City delivers a unique proposition built from its business approach, customer experience, ambience and value equation.
If you are considering starting a café based business from scratch you may do well to consider some form of partnership opportunity with City Espresso. If you are a commercial landlord or agent seeking a quality solution for a prime CBD building foyer, then City Espresso should be on your list.

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